Class Descriptions

Here are some helpful suggestions when deciding what class to enroll in. Please read the class descripons carefully and select the appropriate level for your child.

  • We recommend children to repeat the last level completed the previous summer.

  • Know that most swimmers remain in the same level for two or more sessions until they master the skills.

  • Know that taking time at mastering the correct skills makes a better outcome.

  • Swimmers should bring suit, towel and goggles (recommend: Speedo goggles junior hydrospex)

Lesson Types


1 Instructor to 1 Student

8 x 15 Minute Lessons

Semi-Private (Currently Unavailable)

1 Instructor to 2 Students

8 x 30 Minute Lessons

Group (Currently Unavailable)

1 Instructor to 4 Students

8 x 30 Minute Lessons

Group Lesson Levels

Preschool 1

Requirements: Ages 3 to 5, student has little or no water experience.

Beginner preschool level. The participants will learn water safety and familiarization, buoyancy, and floatation.

Skills Taught: Face/head submerging, stomach float 5 seconds, back float 10 seconds, proper kicks, holding proper body position while kicking, bobbing, blowing bubbles with eyes, nose and mouth in water. Student taught to kick on a board with correct form

Preschool 2

Requirements: Ages 3 to 5, comfortable with water, and able to fully submerge head.

Skills Taught: Retrieving objects underwater, front float (5 sec), back float (10 sec) without support, proper kicks, proper body positioning, rhythmic breathing, blowing bubbles for 3 to 5 seconds. Streamline float off the wall and streamline float back to the wall. Kick on a kick board across the pool with correct form and without aid

Preschool 3

Requirements: Ages 3 and older, able to place eyes, nose, and mouth in water while blowing bubbles (3 to 5 sec). Kick on a kick board without aid across the pool. Stomach/back float.

Skills Taught: Refining Preschool II skills to be used unaided, child is able to blow for 3 to 5 seconds while kicking on a board unaided, prone float position with kick, blow and breathe without aid.

Goal: Strong kick with perfect body position across the pool. Blowing bubbles for the count of 3 to 5 seconds and then taking a breath and return to 3/5 seconds bubble blowing (rhythmic breathing).

Freestyle 1

Requirements: Competence in Preschool 3 skills, especially blowing for 3-5 seconds and able to take a breath and return to blowing while kicking on a board.

Skills Taught: Rhythmic side breathing to the side, one arm pulling with a breath, timing of breathing, proper kicking, and basic arm drills.

Freestyle 2

Requirements: Competence in Freestyle 1 skills.

Skills Taught: Refining of Freestyle 1 drills, 3 pulls and breathe, bubble, bubble-breath, catch up freestyle, six-kick switch, synchronization of arms, breathing, and kicking.


Requirements: Competence in Freestyle 2 skills.

Skills Taught: Review of freestyle 2, basic backstroke drills, streamline back kick, rotation kick, 1 arm back, 6 kick switch backstroke, ½ hesitation kick, whole hesitation kick.

Beginning Breaststroke/Fly

Requirements: Competent in Freestyle/Backstroke

Skills Taught: Teaching proper drills for Breaststroke arms and the whip kick. Proper Drills for dolphin kick and fly arms. Both strokes will teach correct arms, breathing and timing.

Competitive Technical Stroke Work

The four competitive swimming strokes are freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. The combination of all four strokes is called individual medley.

In a private swim lesson, an instructor will be able to work on every aspect of a stroke and dedicate more time to the skills and drills most needing attention. The instructor will technically break down the stroke applying the correct drills needed to make improvements. The swimmer can choose anyone of the four strokes- fly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Freestyle flip turns, backstroke to backstroke turns and Individual Medley turns

Note: All lessons, group or private, require a waiver before entering the water.